What is Fat and Why Do We Need It?

healthy fats

What is fat and why do we need it? Fat, or adipose tissue, serves several important functions in the body, including: energy storage insulation and protection of organs, muscle fibers, nerves support of blood vessels protection from excessive heat loss or increase Because fat is so important to our body, our bodies are very unwilling to let go of stored fat. By design, our bodies actually never get rid of … [Read More...]

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10 Ways to Slow Down

Woman Sunset Pier

  We've talked about stress and what it does to your hormones. But how do you get out of the endless stress loop and take some time for yourself so you can actually feel the benefits of lower cortisol levels?   Try one of these 10 tips next time you find yourself in need of a stress break. Or better yet use them to start your day:   Take the time to prioritize daily objectives. Each morning before … Continue Reading...]

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Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Woman Measuring Her Waist

I was talking to a friend of mine last week. We'll call her Julie. Julie: I have been feeling so fat this past week. I'm weighing myself several times a day. My weight hasn't changed, but I keep thinking the scale must be wrong because there is no way I haven't gained at least 5 pounds. Me: Where are you in your cycle? Julie: Umm.... it's getting pretty close to my period. Me: That's your … [Continue Reading...]

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